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your jambox is now his, by way of our actions

it was all downhill from there

11/10/06 04:53 am - if anyone reads this and doesnt know

i'm having a baby

9/6/06 09:27 pm - my mexican neighbor

sometimes i wonder what my mexican neighbor must think. he sees me coming in all the time with different girls. do you think he gives it a second thought? anyways, i am overwhelmed with life. that is it.

3/24/06 04:09 pm - CHECK OUT MELLOWDRONE

2/10/06 03:41 pm - what is going on with livejournal?

why when i click on the friends tab are no entries coming up?

1/4/06 10:12 am - year in review 2005

so i think 2005 was the most fucked up year, non drug related, that i can remember. here are the talking points: a pregnancy/miscarriage, some crazy stalking, the end of the single most fucked up relationship i have ever been in, the most normal/healthy relationship i have had in as long as i can remember, the end of that healthy relationship because she moved across the country, a week in mexico where my credit card information was stolen, picking up a new hobby - scuba diving - which is totally awesome, falling out of touch with a lot of old friends, making a handful of new friends, getting back in touch with some random people who i havent spoken to in years, seeing some of my program friends decide to go out and drink or get high, running into some old friends who have now gotten clean/sober, getting back to being sane after an extended stint of being really emotionally off balance. shit, i'm sure there is more, but that is what really sticks out in my head... i wouldnt change anything, but i'm glad to get started on a new year. i hope everyone gets everything they deserve in 2006.

12/27/05 12:29 pm - hmm

i got some shit going on that is kinda overwhelming.

all in all life is good though. holidays have been nice. now i am dog sitting while the rest of my fam is on a family ski trip that my mom swears she invited me to go on. work is super slow, which is a nice change of pace. i dunno.

12/3/05 02:19 pm - Kiari's

Just got back from coffee with Orietta, which we try to do every saturday when she is in town. I really love her... we have an awesome friendship that is very honest and real, which i find lacking in a lot of my friendships these days. Not to mention that she doesn't think i'm a sleaze ball. It's also great to see someone who found something she really wanted to do, and just up and did it, and has really grown for it, and is happier than i have ever seen her. We spent a good two hours just chatting today, and we've done that over coffee a few times since she's been home. I'm going to miss her, but at the same time i'm glad she's going back to do her thing in sweden. That's it. time to do laundry.

11/29/05 11:28 am - just to be clear

it has recently come to my attention that my LJ may convey a bit of self loathing, and i would like to make sure everyone knows that i in no way loath myself, in fact i love me more than pretty much anything else. I just sometimes need a forum to get the crazy out so i can be my fantastic awesome self when i am out and about in my daily life. i rule. big time. don't forget it.

11/28/05 11:53 pm - truth is stranger than fiction

so ever since i took out my really accurate as well as funny myspace user profile i have gotten lots more random emails from cute girls. is it possible that the brutal honesty was scaring them away? also amusing me tonight is that i got some email from a kinda cute girl in MD, and after chatting for a bit it turns out she is the younger sister of someone i know. oy. i should be asleep

11/21/05 11:02 pm - i'm sick

i have a cold and or a sinus infection. i think it makes me cranky. more cranky than usual. however that is just the begining. what i am really sick of is being crazy and obsesive. i'm sick of emailing and calling my friends and never hearing back. i'm sick of the fact that i keep pushing away the people who do care and are reliable. i'm sick of watching people fuck up their lives. i'm sick of trying to figure out what i want. i'm sick of trying to distinguish the difference between sex and love. i'm sick of this empty feeling i have. i'm sick of working my ass off and not seeing the results. i'm sick of fucking myspace. i'm sick of doing the right thing. and my throat kinda hurts. goodnight.
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